photo N. Pfeiffer

ⓒLori Solondz 2010


2001 Inspired by the awnings of local triporteurs in Marrakech, these bird houses were designed for riad gardens.
Installation of a sundial over a period of four seasons

ⓒLori Solondz 2013

These works by Lori Solondz are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Cadran solaire de quatre saisons

Installation paysagiste et sonore nomade, conçue autour de l'écosystème des oiseaux, Nestor est un bed & breakfast pour les oiseaux urbains. C'est également un révélateur de la présence des volatiles par ses nichoirs interactive et solaire.​

cnc wood, solar panels, arduino, pure data

 Lori Solondz

fiberglass, perspex, burlap, steel armature

PROPOSAL Solar necklaces for hi-rises  


​By the City, For the City: Renewable New York

Institute for Urban Design  


Artificial Limb (prototype)

​In response to man's desire to continually "modify" or tamper with the urban landscape a prosthetic tree limb was designed to replace a limb that had been pruned on a Wych Elm in Bedford Square, London.

​ The artificial limb also serves as a lodging for birds.

Prothèse d'arbre et nichoir

Nestor le jardin Loupe
*Loupe, or burl in English refers to the knotty, gnarly growths on

​​tree trunks.
2014 Lausanne Jardins.
 Switzerland June 14 - October 11, 2014

​​Designed in collaboration with Aurey Deslis and Charles Goyard.

Inspired by burl, this garden is a sort of bed and breakfast for urban birds; intended to reveal the subtleties of our eco-system at work without being intrusive. A suspended garden with sound in motion was designed for bird consumption: a variety of local seed and berry plants and insects accompany solar powered, interactive birdhouses that indicate habitation with a red light.


2013 Tel Aviv University Gallery:
Anti-Anti, curated by Hadas Kedar 

Perch is an experimental installation:
a micro-environment providing urban birds a place to rest and feed.

Birds have the option to build a loose nest in the cavity of the sculpture.

There is an observation point inside the gallery where one may observe bird activity through binoculars.

Observations: the cavity appealed to a Kingfisher, although no nest was constructed. Sparrows and Bulbuls used the perch during the cooler

evening hours. 

Built with Yonatan Elami

Perchoir de géometries visuel

wood and tree branch - 3,50 meters